At De Kock & Duffey Lawyers we have experience from working on matters throughout an extensive range of areas of law-in the pursuit of fulfilling the needs and requirements of our clients. This means that we are able to consistently give our clients the most professional advice at all times in any area of practice. Read on for more information on the main areas of law that we practice in.
Family Law Property Law Prenuptial Agreements Divorces Restraining Orders Children’s Issues Maintenance Conveyance Transfers Sales and Purchases Adverse Possession Mortgage Advice
Litigation/Mediation Supreme Court Magistrates Court Family Court Business Structures De Kock & Duffey Lawyers provide extensive services for all business structures including advice on: Partnerships Joint Ventures Franchise Agreements Establishment of Trusts Wills, Estates and Successions De Kock & Duffey Lawyers have experience in all wills, estate and succession matters including: Wills Intestacy (and related matters) Estate Planning
Commercial Law Buying/Selling Business Leases Deeds of Partnerships Joint Venture Agreements Corporations Law Deeds of Trust Common Law Personal Injuries Public Liability, Injuries in Public Places Motor Car Accident Injuries Medical Negligence
Migration Law Visa Applications Review of Decisions Migration Review Tribunal Applications Criteria for Residency