De Kock & Duffey Lawyers was established in 1940 by Gavin Duffey due to years of experience in several law firms. From the establishment of the firm in 1940, at Schweizer-Reneke there were several partners involved in this firm. The partners decided to keep the name De Kock & Duffey and except for the founder, there were never any partner’s name linked to the firm. Since establishment there were only 5 (five) partners and the current partners of the firm are Gerhard Jacobus (Vlam) Olivier, since 1977 and Carel Frederik (Callie) Strydom, since 2002. CLIENT BASE At our office, we provide professional services to a diverse range of clients from various industries and service diverse groups in the private sphere. We are able to do this because of the diversity of our own staff who have a wide range of skills and experience that is not just limited to legal work. CLIENT RELATIONSHIP To help and maintain solid long lasting relationships with our clients, we believe in working closely with them by paying attention to their legal needs, and by providing them with workable, realistic, advice and services that ultimately let the results of our efforts speak for themselves. OFFICE FACILITIES AND CLIENT SUPPORT The facilities of our main office include networked computers, (which utilise customised and up to date software), e-mail, fax, and telephone networks, not to mention of course our high- speed broadband internet connection that allows us to draw upon and refer to the web-sites of various bodies that regulate and/or work alongside of the legal profession. Our staff provide clients with professional services in an efficient cost effective manner. Furthermore, our clients can rely on our utmost confidentiality and our dedication to not allowing any compromises when it comes to our high standards of integrity and ethics. Currently we have a staff of 11 (eleven).